Remote Equipment Charlie 25 This flexible, technical backpack can go from 20 to 25 to 30 liters, all while coming with integrated dividers, tons of pouches, and more.

Some backpacks are made for the trail. Others are built for everyday use around the city. The Remote Equipment Charlie 25 seeks to serve both those functions, with a design that’s technical enough for rough adventures while being flexible enough for round-the-clock everyday use.

How flexible is it? For one, it can compress or expand into one of three sizes. That’s right, it can be used as a compact 20-liter pack that’s perfect for school and work, all while transforming into a bigger 25-liter backpack when you need the extra room. Even better, you can tack on a pair of external storage pouches to beef it up to a full 30 liters, making it viable for those times you need a large bag to haul your gear and supplies on the trail.

The Remote Equipment Charlie 25 starts out as a 20-liter backpack with top-loading access for the main compartment via a cinch closure, making it easy to both load and unload items in a jiffy. Got a ton of small items you’re bringing along and don’t want to just dump them in the main sack? Not a problem, as it also comes with a zipper that runs down the center of the bag, allowing you full access to the main compartment, so you can organize, lay out, and arrange your gear in an orderly manner, instead of just dumping everything into a stacked mess.

Even better, it comes with a “triple-cavity” organization system in that main compartment. To use it, simply pull the break-out pockets on the sides to get two dividers to segment you gear into three separate individual spaces, all of which can be accessed, whether from the center zipper or the top opening. Whether you want to separate clean clothes from dirty ones or camping equipment from food supplies, these built-in dividers can help you organize the interior without having to use any compression cases. And yes, it’s got smaller pockets in there, including a 15-inch laptop sleeve, a tablet sleeve, a pair of mesh pockets, and a hanger for stabilizing your hydration pack setup.

The Remote Equipment Charlie 25 also comes with a 5-liter “top brain” pouch that can be attached at the top of the bag, instantly expanding the storage to 25 liters while integrating seamlessly with the base backpack. Equipped with a zipper on top, it’s the perfect place to store items you want to keep within reach at all times. Want to expand it even more? You’ll have to get the optional Org Kits, which are 2.5-liter pouches that can attach to the sides of the bag, allowing you to expand the storage capacity to its maximum of 30 liters.

Construction is VX21 and VX42 X-PAC fabric, both of which are made from nylon with polyester X-PLY reinforcement, 50D taffeta backing, and a C6 DWR coating. Other features include expandable bottle pockets on the sides, compression straps on the sides and top to bundle it as compact as possible, a breathable back panel, dual-density shoulder straps, a detachable stability belt, and reflective bungees for nighttime visibility.

The Remote Equipment Charlie 25 is slated to come out in February, priced at $269.

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