Reebok Nano X Training Shoes The tenth iteration of Reebok's Crossfit staple boasts more versatile workout function, all while looking stylish enough to be part of your streetwear attires.

Since 2011, the Nano has been around as one of the best training shoes in the market, making its case as one of the best footwear options for Crossfit and other gym workouts. With Reebok’s Crossfit contract coming to its end this year, it’s interesting to see where the outfit actually takes the brand. In the meantime, we’re getting the tenth iteration of the model in the form of the Reebok Nano X, a shoe that should represent the outfit’s decade of dedication to the fitness community.

Billed as a reimagining of the staple Crossfit footwear, the shoe brings the same basic functions as its predecessors, providing the necessary support for the jumping, lifting, and running motions you will execute in most common box gym workouts. Going a step further, though, Reebok claims it raises the standards of how versatile training shoes should be, ensuring it’s ready for the most demanding workouts you can throw its way.

The Reebok Nano X combines a workout-focused function with a soft and supportive feel, ensuring it delivers the necessary performance while keeping you comfortable the whole time it’s on your feet. It uses the outfit’s Flexweave woven textile for the upper, providing a resilient stretch that allows it to conform to your feet’s movements, as well as giving targeted support with foam cushion at the sections where your feet are bound to experience the most stress when performing exercises that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously. The premium upper also boasts great durability and breathability, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of intense workouts while keeping your feet from stinking up the locker as soon as you take them off. Hopefully.

Unlike most gym shoes, it’s designed to be just as functional for your morning jogs at the park or an intense session on the treadmill just like your favorite runners, with an enhanced midfoot cage and a compression-molded midsole sporting a decoupled design that enables a much smoother stride while providing reinforced cushioning. That means, you can go for a run if that HIIT session didn’t leave you wiped yet, allowing you to expand the possibilities of your workouts.

The Reebok Nano X has a minimal-drop outsole with flex grooves on the forefoot that provides the secure footing you need, whether you’re landing from a jump, balancing yourself after a snatch, or running as fast as you can to get your heart rate to elevated levels. They top things off with a high-density foam collar that delivers an extra layer of comfort, while infusing the shoe with a healthy dollop of style. Seriously, this looks way nicer as an everyday street sneaker when compared to the model’s more recent iterations, making it a lot more suited as a lifestyle sneaker on top of being a great training shoe.

The Reebok Nano X is available in nine different colorways, including some colorful ones that will look good as part of your everyday streetwear outfits. It’s available now, priced at $130.

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