Rapha Pro Team Lightweight Backpack Designed for riding to and from work, this cycling backpack lets you train as hard as you want without affecting your performance.

Unless you’re winning cycling tournaments on a regular basis, chances are, you’re one of those dedicated cyclists who has to keep a day job. We can’t all be Tour de France stars, after all. Since you’re commuting to that job daily, wouldn’t it be nice to put in a little practice during that time, too? That’s exactly what you can do when you carry your work gear in the Rapha Pro Team Lightweight Backpack.

Designed for your cycling ride to and from work, the backpack combines an aerodynamic shape with a lightweight build to ensure you can carry all your stuff without having it get in the way of your training. Granted, the bag isn’t big enough to carry your stuff if you typically carry 20 pounds of equipment to work, but for most folks who go to work with a moderate amount of gear, this thing should suffice.

The Rapha Pro Team Lightweight Backpack has a waterproof main fabric and a water-resistant zipper, so you can keep sensitive electronics inside without having to worry about sweat, rain, or that random puddle you didn’t notice allowing water to come in and wreak havoc on your stuff. It has a 10-liter capacity, which leaves just enough room for your workday essentials, although there’s no dedicated laptop pocket, so you may want to wrap your computer in a separate sleeve before putting it inside (unless you don’t mind it getting scratches and stuff).

The bag is meant to be carried high on your back, so you still get full access to your cycling jersey’s rear pockets, allowing you to keep your water bottles, face towels, and other riding essentials at the same place where you normally put them. They also threw in some reflective paneling (on the entire lower panel and on the straps), ensuring this will keep you visible to motorists when you’re riding at night.

The Rapha Pro Team Lightweight Backpack has wide straps that spread the load across both the shoulders and chest, complete with elastic chest straps to keep the bag from moving around even while you pedal uphill and shift your body weight like crazy. The straps are completely adjustable across a wide range, ensuring it can be cinched tight into almost any physical profile, while a lightweight mesh material on the back of those straps provide breathability even if you put in your hardest effort.

There’s a smaller pocket on the left shoulder strap to fit your iPhone and other smaller items, while a small zippered pocket inside the main compartment lets you keep valuables in their own secure slot. There’s no other exterior pockets other than on the strap, so the whole thing looks very clean and low profile. Other features include an exterior loop for hanging the bag and an interior lined in high-visibility pink, so you can easily see all of the bag’s contents. Sadly, it comes in just one color, so you can’t coordinate it with your funkier cycling outfits.

The Rapha Pro Team Lightweight Backpack is available now, priced at $115.

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