Rapha Classic Glasses II Designed to look like regular sunglasses, Rapha's newest eyewear uses subtle technical elements to ensure it can function as proper cycling glasses.


Sure, you can wear a pair of cycling sunglasses during commutes and slip into a regular pair once you’re off the bike. Problem is, that means bringing two pairs of glasses along while enjoying the summer months – not exactly the kind of thing that lightens the load. The solution? Get a regular-looking pair of sunglasses that will perform decently when navigating the busy streets and that’s exactly what Rapha brings with the Classic Glasses II.

As you can tell from the number in the name, this is the second iteration of the outfit’s classically-styled sunglasses, sporting a style that’s scaled down by 20 percent. That means, a smaller frame that fits better on a wider variety of face shapes, making for eyewear that’s more refined and versatile than the original design.


While not as pronounced as regular sports glasses, the Rapha Classic Glasses II come with a slight wraparound fit to ensure they stay on during physical activity, whether you’re riding uphill on a bike or just leisurely riding down to the boardwalk. It also comes with a longer frame arm, as well as the same ribbed gripper used on the Pro Team Flyweight Glasses, to guarantee an even more secure fit. Features include Carl Zeiss Vision lenses with multi-coating both front and back, acetate frame with a metal core, integrated nose pads, and a design that’s been tested to fit with any cycling helmet.


Available now, the Rapha Classic Glasses II are priced at $295.