Quoddy Suede Tender Boat Shoe A Huckberry exclusive, this model takes the outfit’s popular moccasin silhouette and gives it a soft suede upper for a whole new vibe.


We’re big fans of Quoddy’s hand-sewn boat shoes, with their elegant silhouettes, comfortable fit, and American-made durability. Much as we love the sanded cattle skin we frequently find draped on their yacht-friendly footwear, seeing one of their more popular silhouettes covered in suede definitely grabs our attention. The Quoddy Suede Tender Boat Shoe did just that.

A Huckberry exclusive, it takes the outfit’s popular moccasin silhouette and gives it a soft suede upper, giving the classy slip-on a whole new vibe that looks as suited on a boat deck as it is on a street corner. Seriously, we’ve been so used to seeing this style in nubuck, seeing this version in a suede upper just makes the whole thing feel so elevated.


The Quoddy Suede Tender Boat Shoe is a moccasin footwear sporting a design that’s meant to keep you active, allowing you to spend the day on your feet in the most comfortable way possible. It has an upper cut in top-tier suede that’s designed to break in easily and age beautifully, with a lightly-padded leather collar to eliminate the chances of developing irritation around the foot. Breather ports on the shoe provide it with some much-needed ventilation, so your feet can stay dry even on the hottest days, while the softness of the suede ensures it will coddle your feet, whether you wear it with socks or not.


Cushioned insole pads keep your feet stable the whole time it’s in the shoes, with an anti-slip rubber sole that will keep you balanced even on a wet deck that’s rocking left-and-right. Waxed cotton laces wound on two sets of eyelets secures the shoe’s fit, ensuring it’s never gets too loose or too tight even when the laces get wet, while a reinforced heel provides necessary protection at a major stress point.


The Quoddy Suede Tender Boat Shoe is available now, priced at $269.

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