PWR Dually AWD E-Bike PWR's off-road e-bike puts hub motors on both wheels for all-wheel-drive power, along with fat tires for maximum traction on tough terrain.

Most people use an e-bike to ease their daily commutes. It’s a whole lot more convenient to use than a regular bicycle, after all, with all that pedal-assist propelling you a whole lot faster. Getting around town, however, isn’t the only thing e-bikes are good for. The PWR Dually makes the case for the e-bike as an off-road workhorse, allowing you to hit trails with cargo in tow while making very little noise.

An all-wheel drive, fat tire e-bike, the vehicle is designed for stable riding on both paved and off-road terrains alike, allowing you to take it out for a grocery run one day and a fishing trip to the local lake the next. Whether you want a bike you can use to quickly explore the areas around camp, a quiet ride to keep a low-profile when hunting, or just a fun ride to change things up when you feel like going on two wheels, this thing should make for a great addition to anyone’s garage.

The PWR Dually doesn’t use a mechanical driveshaft to transfer power from the rear wheel to the front wheel for AWD riding. Instead, it goes the simpler route by simply fitting each wheel with its own 500-watt hub motor that work in parallel. That means, any time you squeeze the throttle, both those motors get activated, bringing enough traction to let you get past many types of off-road obstacles, all while improving the vehicle’s off-road handling in many types of riding conditions.

With the dual motors, the electric bicycle is able to ride at speeds of up to 28 mph. We know, you were expecting a bit more with those dual motors onboard. If we had to guess, we’d say it’s probably electronically-limited, which means you can probably make it go faster if you’re willing to mess with the bike’s electronics (yes, that will likely forego the warranty). It pairs those motors, by the way, with a frame-mounted 696Wh battery that gives it an effective range of 45 miles.

The PWR Dually comes with different riding modes, so you can adjust the amount of reliance you will put on the electric motors. The setting for that is visible from the onboard digital display, where you can also see the battery level, speed, distance, and various other operating information. From what we can tell, there’s enough power here to let you tow a reasonable amount of cargo comfortably without making your legs feel like they’ve been subjected to a leg day workout with a bunch of roided-up gym rats.

It comes with 4-inch fat tires, which should make this an even better performer when it comes to riding around backcountry trails. Features include a 6061 aluminum alloy frame, a fork with 95mm of travel, a nine-speed drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, 26-inch wheels, and a weigh capacity of 275 pounds.

The best part? The PWR Dually is actually priced attractively compared to similar products, retailing for $2,999 with free shipping in the Continental US, making it a great purchase for those looking for an affordable and versatile e-bike.

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