Pulse Camera Remote Designed to plug into your DSLR's USB slot, Pulse's remote lets you control a whole load of functions on your camera via an accompanying app.


There’s no shortage of camera remotes that let you control your DSLR’s shutter from a distance. Problem is, the shutter is all they let you control, so you have to walk up and fiddle with the actual camera to perform other adjustments. That’s not the case with the Pulse Camera Remote.

Designed to plug into a camera’s USB port, it gives you full control of a DSLR or mirrorless shooter from afar, allowing you to capture photos as if the camera was on your hand, instead of sitting on a tripod 10 feet away. That way, you can relax on a lounger in the shade while your camera stews under the sun, making long, summer photography sessions a whole lot more comfortable.


The Pulse Camera Remote pairs with your phone, where you can see what the lens captures from an accompanying app. From the same app, you can control the shutter, aperture, and ISO, as well as record videos, preview thumbnails, shoot timelapses, perform long exposures, and more. Even better, you can control the camera from as far as 100 feet away (it pairs via Bluetooth), so you can attend to other tasks while still getting your shooting itinerary done.


Up to three Pulse-equipped cameras can be controlled from a single smartphone, so you can do professional-level work with this thing in tow. It’s compatible with plenty of Canon and Nikon cameras, although limited love for Panasonic (GH4 is support) and no love for Sony (sorry, guys).

Slated for delivery in the summer, the Pulse is priced at $99.