Pullup & Dip Portable Gym This portable gym equipment can be tied around any tree or pole, allowing you to do pullups, chinups, and dips anywhere you go.


You know those Iron Gyms that let you set up a pullup station right on the doorway? Well, Pullup & Dip works in a similar way. Except, instead of installing at home, it’s designed to give you a proper workout equipment while outdoors, ensuring you can do pullups, chin-ups, and dips while enjoying beaches, parks, and backcountries.

Designed to work with an adapter that you tie around a tree bark, it lets you turn any tree or post around the vicinity into a dip and pullup station. Paired with a suspension trainer, this thing lets you bring a veritable gym anywhere, so you can still get a full workout even while hiking, camping, or walking your dog in the park.


Pullup & Dip enables both wide and narrow grips on both pullups and dips, with the dip bars also doubling as a parallel grips for pullups, making for quite the versatile equipment. An adjustable design allows the adapter to accommodate most any size of tree or poles, so it can install on both thick and narrow fixtures. It’s designed for one person setup, too, requiring you to simply wrap it around the tree and tighten the straps to leave it ready for mounting the equipment.


Want to use it at home? It comes with an adapter that you can screw onto the wall, allowing you to set up the equipment any time you feel like working out. Do note, the darn thing can take the full main compartment of a small backpack, so it’s not exactly light-packing.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Pullup & Dip. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at €223.