Public Rec Politan Hoodie A brand new hoodie that's supposed to be as comfortable and relaxed as your favorite lived-in sweatshirt? Yep, we definitely want one.


Public Rec is clear about their inspiration for the Politan Hoodie. According to the outfit, they wanted to make a garment that’s as comfortable and relaxed as your favorite lived-in sweatshirt. Yep, the same one you should have retired a couple years ago.

Billed as the “perfect companion for long flights, weekend strolls, or nighttime runs,” the garment combines the comfortable feel of that well-worn sweatshirt with the more presentable aesthetics of a brand new garment. That way, you can finally retire that sweatshirt for good, all while enjoying the exact same benefits.


The Public Rec Politan Hoodie is made from a blend of polyester and spandex that, the outfit claims, will melt on your body, all while providing enough stretch and breathability to support you through runs, hikes, and other activities. Described as “an adult upgrade to the hoodie,” it comes in a contemporary minimal styling, so you can wear it in a whole lot of settings, with an oversized hood letting you pull it over your eyes when catching up on sleep during flights and long bus trips.

Features include a slight V-neck opening for more comfortable wear, a kangaroo pouch with a hidden zipper pocket and a media opening for your headphones, and raglan shoulder seams for a modern athletic fit. It comes in three colors: blue, black, and silver.

Available now, the Public Rec Politan Hoodie is priced at $98.

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