PRVKE Pack Camera Bag Boasting uncompromising attention to detail, this camera bag spares no feature, ensuring you'll have everything you need in the field.


There’s no shortage of camera bags for both pros and amateurs alike. What sets the PRVKE Pack apart, though, is the uncompromising attention to detail. Seriously, while it looks minimalist in design, this thing brings detailed features that take everything a photographer can need into consideration.

Constructed from tarpaulin and nylon dobby, the bag should hold up to serious abuse, all while shedding water to keep your gear protected. Able to accommodate up to 38 liters of volume, it’s roomy, too, ensuring there’s enough space to fit everything you need, whether you’re driving down to a studio or a particularly picturesque location.


The PRVKE Pack includes a removable camera cube with 8 molded foam dividers for the main compartment that can hold a full-size DSLR body and up to eight lenses. There are three points of access to the main compartment, too: the roll top closure if you want to get something not that deep inside, a side opening that leads straight to the camera compartment for easy access on the go, and a clamshell opening that lets you lay it out like luggage for full access when packing.


Aside from the main compartment, it has a laptop sleeve (up to 17 inches), a secure passport pouch around the back, an expandable tripod pocket, two dual hook cinch straps for attaching gear outside, a large front pocket, strap pockets, and a dedicated rainfly pocket. Other features include strap attachment points for turning the bag into a mobile workstation (seriously), a side sling you can use to hang your camera, and a removable waist strap for better load handling.

Available now, the PRVKA Pack is priced at $270.