Proof Rover Pants These technical work pants are as hardwearing as they come, all while providing decent stretch, wicking moisture, and providing breathability.


Sometimes, they look good. Sometimes, they’re comfortable. But the one defining trait all work pants share is their durability. Suffice to say, these hardwearing garments are built to survive every rigor it can encounter in the field. The Proof Rover exhibit that same toughness and resilience, all while bearing technical qualities that deliver so much more.

You know how elastane has been making its way into everything, from jeans and chinos to everything in between? Well, the stretchy material has made its way into these pants, too, allowing you to stretch your legs in erstwhile awkward positions without the darn things fighting you at every minuscule movement. No, it’s nowhere near as stretchy as the stretch jeans you’ve likely worn, as this requires a thicker, more durable cotton, although the added elasticity should make it a lot more comfortable all the same.


Named after the quintessential off-road vehicle brand, the Proof Rover uses a rugged canvas fabric that blends cotton with the aforementioned elastane and Sorbtek. While we can’t tell exactly how durable this thing is, the fabric does appear like one of those hardwearing work pants that’s not going to rip, cut, or take damage without putting up a serious fight. Suffice to say, this will handle all the roughhousing it encounters, whether you’re working on a quiet farm, a busy oil rig, or the noisy streets of a heavily-populated city. Further aiding the pants’ mobility are a gusseted crotch and dart seams behind the knees, both of which also add durability into the mix, advancing the pants’ technical performance on two critical fronts.

To the unfamiliar, Sorbtek, which comprises 25 percent of the blend, is a synthetic material that gives it excellent breathability and moisture-wicking properties. That means, it will stay drier than conventional work pants, both by helping you sweat less and having any moisture evaporate faster, so you never have to walk around with a big wet patch just dripping down your thighs.


The Proof Rover comes in a smart, tailored fit that strikes a careful balance between style and comfort. As such, it’s a little looser on the lower leg than your standard slim-fit jeans, albeit in a silhouette that’s striking enough to keep you looking good, whether you’re on the project site, in a diner on your lunch break, or at the local bar during happy hour. It pairs that work-friendly fit with an eco-friendly pigment dye that wears in like raw selvedge, allowing the pants to slowly fade in color over time for a more personalized patina.


Unlike many traditional work pants, it ditches the knee patches and hammer loops, which make it look more like casual trousers than regular job site fare. Other features include matte black metal hardware, a classic canvas work pant feel, and a machine-washable build that allows you to simply throw it with the rest of your laundry after getting sullied from a long day of work.

The Proof Rover Pants are available now, priced at $98.

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