Private White VC Utility Shorts Private White VC's summer shorts will keep you cool and relaxed, whether you're vacationing in the tropics or chilling out in the city.


Even if you don’t live in the tropics, summer is likely hot enough to make dressing up as if you live in an island paradise an acceptable style. If you prefer your comfy summer wardrobe with a tinge of urban sophistication, though, you’ll probably take a liking to Private White VC’s Utility Shorts.

Based on classic tropical shorts, it bears a styling that will look perfectly at home during vacation in the Caribbean, albeit still looking adequately suitable for casual strolls during hot afternoons around the city. Pair it with a beach shirt for an unabashed vacation look or a nice polo for a less-conspicuous but equally relaxed getup.

The Private White VC Utility Shorts are made from a super-ventilated Tropical Weave fabric to ensure everything stays cool underneath even through the hottest days of the year. Treated with the outfit’s exclusive Ecoseam finish, it boasts water-resistant properties, so you can wear it by the poolside without worry of getting drenched by splashes. Features include military-grade copper RIRI zip, British real-horn combat button, and a branded waistband on the inner lining.

Like your shorts with plenty of pockets? Not a problem, as this thing comes with a large “combat pocket” on the left leg (it’s, basically, the same size as the side pocket on board shorts), two side pockets along the seams, and a patch pocket on the rear.

Available now, the Private White VC Utility Shorts are priced at £180.