Primus Essential Trail Kit Backpacking Kitchen This "backpacking kitchen" bundles a stove, a pot, and a frying pan designed to nest into a single compact storage vessel.

A small backpacking stove with a small cooking pot don’t make for the most efficient way to cook any kind of dishes. If you’re hiking on foot to your camping spot, though, it’s the best you’ll likely be able to carry. The Primus Essential Trail Kit Backpacking Kitchen takes those outdoor cooking essentials and makes them as good as they can be.

Billed as a “perfect backpacking kitchen,” the kit gives you everything you need to cook proper meals in the wild, all while taking up just a small amount of space, so there’s plenty of room in your pack for other essentials. Whether you want to boil water for coffee, fry eggs for breakfast, or cook a stew for lunch, this thing can do all that and more. Just don’t expect it to make enough for anything more than one or two people, as that’s all it’s designed to handle.

The Primus Essential Trail Kit is a compact backpacking kitchen that consists of a backpacking stove, a cooking pot, and a frying pan. Designed to pack in an efficient manner, you simply mount the stove on top of a gas canister (they recommend Primus’ own 230-gram variant for the perfect fit), place that assembly inside the cooking pot, and place the frying pan on top of the pot. Yes, the pan is sized and shaped to serve as a functional lid for the pot, allowing you to have two cooking vessels while carrying what feels like a single one. The handles on both the pot and the pan are removable, by the way, so you can take them out when stashing this in your pack, ensuring the handles don’t get in the way of other gear.

The stove’s burner can produce an 8,600 BTU flame that, the outfit claims, can boil a liter of water in just 3.5 minutes when hooked up to a 230-gram gas canister, while an integrated control valve enables precise flame control. Built-in supports above the burner keep pots and pans of various sizes stable during cooking, all while serving as functional shields to keep the flame strong and steady even during windy days.

The Primus Essential Trail Kit includes a pot and a pan that are both made using anodized aluminum, so they’re durable enough for use in your outdoor adventures while being lightweight enough to add very little heft to your stash. Do note, both cookware pieces are pretty small, with the pot holding no more than a half liter of water and the pan fitting nothing more than a single egg for frying. Still, if you’re slumming it in the outdoors, anything that can get you warm meals is an absolute create comfort. Features include multiple ways to insert the handle into the cookware, non-stick ceramic coating on the pan, a mesh storage bag for stashing the whole thing, and a total weight of 13.5 ounces (although, it will get much heavier once you include a gas canister).

The Primus Essential Trail Kit Backpacking Kitchen is available now, priced at $59.95.

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