PowerDot Connected EMS Unlike other electronic muscle stimulators, this one is controlled via an accompanying app, ensuring optimal and precise application.


It looks like some weird kind of headphones. The PowerDot, however, has nothing to do with music. Instead, it’s an electronic muscle stimulator that you can use to target specific areas of the body whether as a way to supplment your training, speed up muscle recovery, or warm up before starting a dreadful workout session.

Billed as the first connected muscle stimulator, the device allows you to control its operation from a phone, so you can use your indispensable gadget for even more parts of your life. More than a simple control facility, though, the app comes with built-in training programs, complete with illustrations, ensuring you can see exactly what you’re supposed to be doing with the device.


The PowerDot consists of a pod, which connects to the app and manages the electrical impulses, and four electrode pods that you apply to the muscle you’re currently working. Each pod should last for around four months of use, so you may want to stock up on replacements if you plan to go to town with this thing. It comes with adjustable power, so you can go to the exact intensity required to contract your muscles without being uncomfortable.


Eight different types of training modes are available from the app, namely endurance, resistance, strength, explosive strength, maximum explosive strength, active recovery, warm up, and massage. You just choose the type of training you need, specify the body part, follow the illustrated instructions for applying the electrodes, and enjoy.

Available now, the PowerDot is priced at $249.