Possum Gearstrap Wrap this around a tree bark and use it to keep up to 200 pounds of gear away from dirty grounds and crawling critters.

Yes, you can dump your backpack and whatever else you’re carrying on the ground when you arrive at camp. Problem is, that’s the easiest way to get your stuff wet and dirty, all while leaving it at the mercy of the numerous critters creeping about in the wild. Yeah… it’s not a good idea. Sure, you can nail down some hooks to a tree and hang your stuff there. If you’d rather not leave any evidence of your stay, however, a solution like the Possum Gearstrap should make for a more attractive option.

A heavy-duty strap, it’s designed to easily wrap and secure around the bark of most trees, allowing you to add carabiners and hooks for holding your stuff without leaving your marks on the camp site. Whether you want to keep your packs dry from the moist ground, hang your tools in a place you can easily see them, or keep your food supplies out of reach from pests, this thing lets you do that within minutes of arriving at your camp.

The Possum Gearstrap is a thick and sturdy strap that measures eight feet long, with an integrated buckle closure that allows you to easily lock it in place around any tree bark. Well… most tree barks, since it can only fit around trees with a diameter of three to seven feet, although that should allow it to wear around most trees you’re likely to find, wherever you decide to set up camp.

Once you’ve secured the strap around a tree, simply clip in any carabiners you have and use them to hang your gear at a comfortable height. According to the outfit, it can support weights of up to 200 pounds, so you can use it to hold a whole load of gear that you are going to use during your stay.

The Possum Gearstrap is available as a standalone strap for $8.99, as well as a bundle with a carrying pouch and four carabiners for $14.99.

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