Pornhub x Cope2 Tee


Walking around wearing a shirt of your favorite adult website? Never a good idea. What if the shirt is designed by renowned graffiti artist Cope2? Ummm. What if the design looks like a cool, random tag instead of one that overtly reps the aforementioned X-rated resource? Yeah, we’re thinking it won’t quite be a bad look adding this Pornhub x Cope2 tee to our everyday street garb.

That’s right, it’s a Pornhub shirt featuring the work of famed artist Cope2, so you can rep your favorite source of stress-relief videos while looking like you’re just a fan of good graffiti art. No, seriously. Sporting the website’s name in bubble letters bearing the artist’s distinctive style, it’s not quite as easy to make out the two words printed on the shirt, so you can tell folks the shirt says “Pork Rub” if anyone ever asks. Yes, you can further explain it’s an ode to the delicious spice you put on your pork chops, if they ever follow-up.

What if someone calls you out that it’s actually Pornhub? Then, that’s when you turn the tables around and make fun of them for spending too much time on dirty websites, insisting that you only bought the shirt because it’s a Cope2 design, not because you spent 14 hours last month watching Mia Khalifa videos on the aforementioned web resource. The shirt itself is a District Clothing Concert Tee, made from 4.3-ounce 100% soft-spun cotton, so it’s, pretty much, like any band shirt you buy at the merch station during shows.

Available now, the Pornhub x Cope2 shirt is priced at $24.99. They also have hoodies, crewnecks, and snapbacks of the same design, by the way, if you prefer those.