Plant REFRESH Organic Toning Face Mist Yes, you can splash your face with water to freshen up after a long and tiring day. Plant Apothecary, however, offers a more urbane solution.


Splashing your face with a little water is a great way to freshen up when you start feeling sluggish in the course of a long day.  While you can do that with tap water from a sink or bottled water off a store shelf, Plant Apothecary offers a more urbane solution in the form of the REFRESH Organic Toning Face Mist.

Yes, it’s mostly just water, too, but this toning mist combines ingredients meant to really freshen you up. Plus, you won’t need a full splash that will require lots of wiping down – just a spritz or two is enough to give your face the refreshment it craves any time throughout the day. As such, you can freshen up any time, whether you’re driving to work, walking one block over to another office, or waiting in the lobby for a job interview.

The Plant REFRESH Organic Toning Face Mist comes with cucumber, rosewater, and aloe vera for hydrating and nourishing your skin, while antibacterial lemongrass and witch hazel tones and refreshes your face, so you won’t look like you’ve been running around for a half day (which you totally have been) when you go into that client meeting at 4PM. Aside from freshening up, it’s designed to function as a toner that you can apply in between cleansing and moisturizing for gently removing any leftover dirt or cleansing products. It comes in 2oz bottles.

Available now, the Plant REFRESH Organic Toning Face Mist is priced at $12.