Pivot Bed This Murphy bed folds up to reveal a mini-home gym with a pull up bar, a dip bar, and a full-fledged power cage for your home workouts.

Most Murphy beds transform into a secondary living area, a workspace, or even a home bar when folded up. It makes sense, since many small apartments don’t have adequate room for any of those. The Pivot Bed, however, transforms into a personal gym, giving you a place to do your weight training as soon as you collapse your Murphy bed up a wall.

That’s right, it’s a bed that transforms into a home gym, allowing you to integrate a proper workout space in your home even without the extra room. Whether you want to set up a proper gym inside your cramped apartment in the city or turn a guest room into a functional gym when you don’t have actual guests at home, this thing lets you do that without the need to find any extra room.

The Pivot Bed is a Murphy bed that’s designed to look like any traditional sleeping furniture when deployed, with a sturdy steel construction, a headboard, and a frame that can accommodate standard mattresses. It comes in two sizes, queen or double, so you can choose whichever is more suited to your existing mattress. Basically, it will look and feel like a regular bed, albeit without the empty space underneath (because, you know, the gym equipment is there), where you can stash boxes of gear that you will forget about weeks, months, and years down the line.

A power-assisted lift using gas struts make it easy to raise and lower the bed, so you can pull the bed down and push it back up a wall without expending a lot of energy. The lift, by the way, is adjustable, too, so you can make it stronger or weaker to compensate for the weight of whatever mattress you’re using on the bed.

When folded up a wall, the Pivot Bed deploys a full home gym, giving you a retractable pull-up bar, a retractable dip bar, and a fold-out power rack that you can use for your resistance workouts. Granted, you’ll still need to add your own barbell, weights, dumbbells, and even an adjustable bench to the mix if you want a full-fledged home gym, but the Murphy bed absolutely gives you a great starting point. The whole thing, by the way, is set up on top of a two-layer exercise mat that’s designed to protect your home’s flooring, so you don’t have to worry about nicking, scratching, or outright destroying them with all those weights you’re lifting.

According to the outfit, the bed doesn’t require mounting to either the wall or the floor. Instead, you just push it against the wall and it will hold its place, with its steel base keeping it stable when the whole thing is upright. They’re supposedly going to get it certified by a UK testing lab for safety as a “stationary training equipment,” so you don’t have to take their word for it if the certification does come through.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Pivot Bed. You can reserve a unit of the Ultimate model (the one with all the aforementioned equipment) for pledges starting at £1,799.

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