Pioneer Ion Wallet With a skin cut in 10XD ripstop fabric and a molded structure that never breaks down, you can probably use this wallet for the rest of your days.


No, you don’t need to protect your cash and cards in a wallet made from a material that’s ten times stronger than steel. Still, if you find some novelty in having a wallet with some ridiculous characteristics, we have a feeling you’ll love carrying the Pioneer Ion Wallet.

Unlike most wallets that are made from either leather or polyester fabrics, this one is cut in 10XD ripstop fabric, the strongest fiber on earth. To the unfamiliar, that’s ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene – a tightly woven material that’s mostly used for defense and medical purposes due to its incredible strength levels. Because the darn thing is so strong, they’re able to build a functional wallet with just a thin amount of the material, making the resulting billfold impressively slim.


The Pioneer Ion Wallet comes with designated slots for up to eight credit cards, a slot for folded bills, and a pair of slots for smaller items like business cards, so you can carry a decent load in this slim pocket filler. Along with the ultra-strong fiber, it uses the outfit’s FutureForm technology to give the wallet its shape and structure, which conforms during use but never breaks down, ensuring the wallet will retain usability far long than those made using traditional materials.  Dimensions are 5.5 x 4.1 inches when open, all while folding to a back pocket-friendly 2.8 x 4.1 inches when closed. Other features include four reinforcement bar tacks, a reflective logo, and two color options (blue and black).


Available now, the Pioneer Ion Wallet is priced at $60.


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