Pelican Rugged Sleeping Pad Designed to deliver "comfort without compromise," this sleeping pad packs everything necessary to ensure a good night's rest.

It’s not the most compact sleeping pad you can get. If you put more value on a good night’s sleep over a lighter pack, however, the Pelican Rugged Sleeping Pad just may be what your camping stash needs.

Billed as a sleeping pad for “comfort without compromise,” this ground cover unquestionably prioritizes sleeping comfort, giving you everything you need to facilitate a good night’s rest while you slum it inside a tarp shelter beneath the stars. Despite that, it remains reasonably packable, so while it won’t be the best option for packing light (it’s 4.1 pounds), it does make for a viable pad to take along, even for those times you’ll need to make a short trek to your camping spot of choice.

The Pelican Rugged Sleeping Pad is an inflatable pad with a 19D memory foam inner core that, the outfit claims, should provide the necessary support to keep your back from aching after spending a night sleeping without a proper bed. That inner core, by the way, is self-inflating, so you can set it up with hardly any work, while a waterproof 190T-PVC outer shell keeps any kind of moisture out, so you can lay this down on damp ground without having it affect you at any point during sleep. It boasts built-in insulation, too, so you won’t feel any part of that cold, hard ground, allowing you to sleep in toasty comfort.

Do you normally pack a pillow along when camping? No need for that, as this comes with an integrated pillow on top, giving you a raised cushioned section for resting your head once you lie down. Do you sometimes wake up outside the sleeping pad because you’re used to the California King size bed you sleep in at home? Not a problem, as this comes with integrated raised side guards that will keep you from rolling out of the pad, ensuring you stay within the cover’s confines at all times.

The Pelican Rugged Sleeping Pad measures 75.5 x 38.5 x 5.25 inches (height x width x thickness) when inflated, so it can handle most tall and wide frames just fine, making it a great sleeping pad for bigger guys who need all the space they can spare. Do note, the self-inflating valve is at the foot of the pad, so make sure not to fiddle with it using your toes when you can’t sleep in the middle of the night (just count sheep or something).

How rugged is this thing? We’re not entirely sure, although we doubt it will hold up as well as one of Pelican’s cases (it’s not made of hard plastic, after all), so definitely don’t put this through the kind of beatings those cases go through. With that said, that PVC outer shell does look pretty tough, so there’s no need to act like a gentle kitten around it, either. So long as you keep the sharp blades out of the sleeping pad, we have a feeling you’ll be fine.

The Pelican Rugged Sleeping Pad is available now, priced at $199.99.

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