Parker Dusseau x Radavist Coldblack Shirt Keeping your long-sleeved, collared shirt clean, dry, and sharp-looking in the summer is no easy task. Unless it's this garment.


Wearing a long-sleeved, collared shirt does not sound like the best way to dress up while running around the city during the sweltering summer months. However, if your itinerary requires you to be active while looking reasonably sharp, you’ll have to take the plunge. The Parker Dusseau x Radavist Coldblack Shirt is built for just those situations.

Designed for “active urban life in warm climates,” the button-down combines a sharp-looking style with technical construction, so you don’t end up constricted, sweaty, and stinky within the first 30 minutes out in the sun. It’s styled enough to fit in well at any place of business, too, making it a great work shirt for folks who spend their commutes on a bicycle, fully exposed to the summer heat.

The Parker Dusseau x Radavist Coldblack Shirt has a tailored fit based on Parker Dusseau’s regular button-downs, albeit with elements that should help you stay active during humid summer days. It’s made from Swiss fabric mill, Schoeller’s stretch technical cotton fabric, which should allow unrestricted movement, whether on the road or in the office. Since dark shirts and hot afternoons don’t go hand in hand, the shirt comes treated with 30 SPF UV protection, minimizing heat build-up in the garment.

Features include mesh panels along the back (for extra breathability and articulation), rubber buttons (so you can smash it as many times as you want without breaking), and reflective tape in the collar and cuffs.

Available now, the Parker Dusseau x Radavist Coldblack Shirt is priced at $158.