Panther Vision Flateye Rechargeable FR-211 Unround Flashlight Panther Vision's flashlight ditches the cylinder-shaped body for a pistol grip that makes it more secure in hand, while fitting better in pockets.

Flashlights are tube-shaped for a reason – it allowed them fit those large cylindrical batteries while being easy enough to grip in your hand. With modern flashlights now using smaller batteries and even rechargeable ones, there’s really no need to retain the traditional shape. Yet, most flashlights still do. That’s not the case with Panther Vision’s Flateye Rechargeable FR-211 Unround, which ditches the round body in favor of a more ergonomic pistol grip.

That’s right, this flashlight has a flatter body than your traditional handheld lighting, allowing for a more secure grip, regardless of what task you’re currently engaged in. Whether you’re checking on pipes in the basement, looking for stuff you lost in the trail, or exploring a dungeon because you’re a real-life Indiana Jones, this thing lets you do that while being more secure in your hand, increasing the chances you won’t drop the flashlight even when your goofy cousin decides to come up and give you a scare from behind. Yeah, you don’t like him that much.

The Flateye Rechargeable FR-211 Unround combines the unusual pistol-style grip with a textured surface made from tactical polymer, ensuring it will stay in hand even in wet conditions. That same shape doesn’t just make it more ergonomic, it’s also easier to drop in your pocket, since the 1.25-inch thick body won’t create an uncomfortable bulge the way other flashlights would. Granted, the 9-inch length means the top end of the flashlight will probably stick out of your pocket all the same, but it should still fit more comfortably than other products in the market.

It comes with a maximum brightness of 2175 lumens, which should remain visible at distances of up to 660 feet, all while illuminating a large amount of space, so you can maximize your vision of everything, regardless of where you are. If you don’t watch to torch the battery using maximum brightness at all times, by the way, it also has a medium setting at 1330 lumens (visible up to 500 feet) and a low setting at 72 lumens (visible up to nine feet). As the name says, this has a USB-rechargeable battery, which can last up to seven hours in maximum brightness, 14 hours in medium, and 44 hours in the low setting.

The Flateye Rechargeable FR-211 Unround has fins surrounding the lens on the outer tip of the flashlight, a design that, the outfit claims, cools down the LED, so you never accidentally get burned from touching the business end of the flashlight after long periods of use. That’s, seriously, a whole lot more useful than the warning label that comes on most flashlights we’ve seen. Construction is aircraft-grade aluminum, with a rugged build that’s waterproof up to 3.2 feet for up to 30 minutes and shockproof at drops of up to 10 feet, so this thing will hold up to the most demanding situations, whether at home, in the job site, or way out in the wild.

The Flateye Rechargeable FR-211 Unround flashlight is available now.

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