Panasonic Aero PTZ Security Camera A surveillance camera for extreme conditions, this thing withstands extreme heat, extreme cold, and everything in between.


Depending on where you live, you don’t need Panasonic’s Aero PTZ security camera. It’s, pretty much, overkill for a home surveillance cam. If you’re toughing it out in a place with the kind of environmental conditions where ordinary security cams succumb to the elements, this thing is exactly what you need to ensure your surveillance stays up-and-running.

Designed to operate in extreme conditions, the camera can endure high temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius, low temperatures up to -50 degrees Celsius, water and dust (IP67 compliant), and strong winds up to 180 mph. Whether you’re setting up a research station in the arctic, a secret headquarters in the desert, or some other facility in some godawful place, this thing ensures your surveillance can handle whatever nature sends its way.


The Panasonic Aero PTZ has a body made from high-strength fiberglass sporting corrosion protection, with a profile that minimizes wind drag for better stability while preventing the accumulation of either dirt or snow. There’s even a built-in wiper and defroster for clearing the lens when it gets covered in fog or moisture. As for the actual camera function, it shoots 1080p video at 60fps, with a 30X optical zoom lens, 360-degree continuous panning, 90-degree tilt range, and dynamic light range compensation that ensures a wider dynamic range than conventional cameras. There’s even an option IR LED capability for filming in the dark up to distances of 500 feet.

No pricing is available, but the Panasonic Aero PTZ is available now.