The Rage Room

Destroying stuff doesn't solve anything, but it sure can release a whole lot of pent-up stress and negative emotions. That's exactly what you'll be doing in the Rage Room, a private facility where you can destroy everything in sight with a baseball bat.

Ballpark Diamonds

The woman of the house may not approve of most sports memorabilia you want to display in the living room wall. Ballpark Diamonds, a set of gorgeous relief sculptures depicting different baseball stadiums, isn't likely to find itself in that reject pile.

LG Watch Urbane Luxe

Smartwatches may be gadgets, but anything worn prominently on your wrist need to be treated as a nice piece of jewelry. Android Wear fans now have that option with the LG Watch Urbane Luxe, a limited-edition, luxury smartwatch adorned in 23-karat gold with an alligator leather strap.