Vans Mountain Edition

Your beloved pair of Vans may work great in the summer, but the cold and wet weather ahead will make sure putting them on is something you’re going to regret. If you must insist with your casual kicks, this fall-friendly collection has you covered.

Copper Boiler Lamp by William Heefer

Installing lamps is a great way to add new focal points to a room. If you prefer a more refined but masculine touch when accessorizing your apartment, this industrial-looking pendant lamp looks like a proper fit for the job.

Electric Outline by Kelly Slater

Unfortunately, wearing Kelly Slater's signature sunglasses won't magically endow you with the 11-time world champion's killer surfing skills. With a surfer-friendly design, cool aesthetics, and sustainable construction, though, you'll at least inherit some of his killer style.

Casio G-Shock G-Steel GSTS110BD-1A2

If you still favor the tough G-Shock aesthetic but need a dressier watch to match your more mature post-college wardrobe, Casio's new G-Shock G-Steel Range might be the ticket to solving your accessory dilemma.

Kole Thermal Flask

Trying to sneak a sip of your favorite libations from a drinking flask rarely works. Everyone who sees you pull out a flask immediately knows what it contains, after all. This elegant-looking thermal flask offers a more discreet alternative.

Triumph & Disaster Ponsonby Pomade

This pomade is made using dragon's blood. I repeat, this pomade is made using dragon's blood. Yes, it's that other kind of dragon's blood, but that still sound leagues better than beeswax, tea tree oil, or whatever ingredient your favorite hair styling product contains.

Spiral Groove SG1.2 Turntable

When you're the kind of man who buys LPs for their unparalleled sound reproduction, you're probably also the kind of man who will want to listen to them with turntables that make them sound as good as technology will permit. Well, meet the $30,000 high-end turntable built for the job.

Weiss Limited Issue Field Watch

American-made and mechanical watches don't usually go hand-in-hand. They do, however, in the case of Weiss' Field Watch, which gets two new limited edition models that you might find to your liking.

2016 Can-Am Defender

Can-Am's side-by-sides have been synonymous with off-road sport and adventure riding since they came out. Serious work? Not so much. That could change soon with the Defender, a work-focused UTV that can carry over 3,000 pounds of cargo in a single trip.

RHA T20i In-Ear Headphones

You want the best headphones money can buy, but don't really have more than three Benjamins to spend on a premium model? Meet the $250 headphones that, some say, can replicate sounds only four-figure headphones can deliver.

Nike Aeroloft Golf Jacket

It's tempting to stay in when colder weather arrives, but the golf course has many ways of tempting you back to its fold. Might as well get this jacket and be ready to play those chilly winter rounds.

Outside Vans Lava Flow

It may not have the creature comforts of a fully-decked RV, but this converted 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van can go anywhere, sleep you comfortably, and haul enough gear to let you enjoy the outdoors any way you like it.

Moore & Giles Frost Knife Carrier

Whether you're a chef, a hunter, or a serial-killing sociopath, chances are, you carry a set of cutlery everywhere you go. While knife rolls have become the de facto way to carry your favorite blades and there are tons of them around, the Frost's professional, business-like look just might work better in your favor.

Howler Bros. Harkers Flannel

Whether you're old enough to remember 90s grunge or young enough to have bought your first record from the App Store, this stylish flannel shirt is nothing but a great addition to your fall wardrobe.

The Paddler’s Alphabet Poster

Yes, hanging a print of an alphabet design doesn't seem befitting of a grown man. But if you love taking to the water with a paddle in tow, this beautifully-designed print should help tide you over while you hibernate through winter's unfavorable weather.

Oliver’s Apparel Merino Pullover

When the perfect fall garment is combined with the perfect fall fabric in a tailored fit and a near-perfect silhouette, there are few things you'll want to wear more this season.

Industrial Concrete Side Table

With A heavy slab of solid concrete for the top and legs, along with an iron shelf, side tables don't get more industrial than this. Warning: will probably break a toe nail if you lift and drop it without moving your feet out of the way.