Todd Shelton Flat Selvedge Pants

Designed to fill the void between jeans and chinos (yes, we didn't know a void existed either), this pair of pants straddles the line between the two, introducing an entirely new dimension to your casual wardrobe.

Light & Motion Urban 850 Trail Bike Light

Illuminate your mountain biking trail with this lightweight and compact 850-lumen lamp, which promises both a wide coverage area and a beam pattern that will help maximize your depth perception throughout the ride.

Forcite Alpine Ski Helmet

This veritable multi-tool of ski helmets crams a 4K action cam, headphones, a helmet-to-helmet communications system, a GPS radio, sports tracking sensors, and even a torch light into your winter sports skull protection.

Adidas By Kolor Track Pants

Ever wished your life can turn into a big budget hip hop music video? Yeah, keep dreaming. These track pants look like the kind people will be wearing in a hip-hop music video, though, so you can, at least, have that part covered.

Yamaha RX-S601 AV Receiver

Built for smaller, space-starved homes, this slimmed-down AV receiver can organize your home theater with its extensive connectivity, Airplay support, and multi-room audio capabilities.

Audi A8 L Security

A luxury sedan fit for secret agents, this car can resist armor-piercing assault rifle rounds, survive hand-grenade explosions, and even put out fires all on its own, all while looking indistinguishable from the standard version of the Audi A8 L.

Tesla Model X

An electric car that can ride rough terrains, haul 5,000 pounds of cargo, and fit seven people is impressive enough. When it can clear a 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds and wow onlookers with falcon wing doors, too, it just inspires a whole other level of yearning.

Nike Lebron 13

Wearing Lebrons won’t improve your on-court performance, but, at least, you'll look fly, whether you're warming the bench, defending the rim, or actually running the show like the four-time MVP.

Sonos Play:5 Speaker

Chances are, your music never sounded as good as it will in this compact speaker that houses six drivers with dedicated amps, three mid-woofers, and three tweeters, with the ability to dynamically adjust its sound profile based on the layout of the room and its position inside it.

Stio Wilcox Fleece Hoodie

This zippered hoodie is done up entirely in fleece, allowing it to keep you warm, shed water, and feel super soft. It even has a knitted face that makes it look like wool, without the hassle of special cleaning the latter fabric requires.

Woolrich Classic Wool Hunt Coat

A timeless classic, this long-running hunter's coat will look good whether you're an actual outdoorsman who knows your way around a rifle or a lifelong city boy who's only ever fired a Nerf blaster.

Ministry of Supply Gemini Chino

A classic chino that enables unimpeded movement while regulating body temperature, these pants embody the American wardrobe staple while injecting it with more comfortable performance.

Google Chromecast & Chromecast Audio

Since its first release in 2013, Google's Chromecast has offered the most affordable way to bring video streaming to the living room TV. Now, it could be the most affordable way to stream music to your speakers, too.

Nike AeroReact Pullover Top

Designed for running during the cold season, Nike's new technical pullover uses a fabric that loosens up as soon as you begin sweating to make the garment more breathable, removing the need to take off extra layers of clothing to feel comfortable.

Heller Bloodhound Bicycle

Getting more serious about off-road cycling usually means upgrading from the cheap rig you first picked up when you were starting out. If you're not quite up for the highest-end of the adventure bike market, the Heller Bloodhound should be a suitable next-level upgrade.

Dehen x Jack Spade R1 Jacket

Take Jack Spade's signature waxed cotton fabric, combine it with the Dehen Knitting Company's letterman jacket expertise, and throw in a diamond-quilted twist. This plush-looking varsity jacket is the result.

LG Gram Series Laptops

Want a Macbook Air, can't leave the Windows ecosystem? I hear your pain. How about a Macbook Air knockoff that runs Windows 10 with an even better display? Yeah, LG's got you covered.