Edward Field Wallet

This wallet replaces the checkbook pouch with an iPhone-sized micro-suction foam. That way, you can attach your mobile device onto the inside of your wallet, allowing you to keep two daily essentials in a single pocket.

Wide Path Camper

Lowering the barrier to outdoor living, this camper trailer weighs just 100 pounds, allowing it to be towed on a small bicycle, all while seating up to four people and sleeping up to two. Just don't climb steep hills and you should be fine.

Hook & Albert 3-Way Carryall

Three-way bags generally compromise style in favor of utility, with multiple loops and straps making for less-than-favorable sights. Not this bag, though, which manages to traverse all three functions with style and poise to spare.

Edward Green Chelsea Leather Oxford Shoes

Every man deserves one really great pair of dress shoes to match with all the nicest things in their closet. For those times you need to dress up and make a strong impression, these Oxfords just might be what your wardrobe has been missing.

HTC One A9

It's not an iPhone, but HTC's latest definitely looks like one. While you probably won't be interested in an iPhone lookalike, the top-shelf specs, hard-to-match audio talents, and very reasonable price definitely makes it a prime contender for your next smartphone upgrade.

Finisterre Waterproof Rucksack

Your gear deserves to be protected from the downpours of wet season, just as much as you cover your body to battle the rain and the cold. This 20-liter backpack is equipped to do just that, all while adding a casual style to your rainy day outfits.

Aether Drift Vest

Designed with urban dwellers in mind, Aether's fall-winter vest comes with a super-soft cotton-nylon shell, enough fill to keep you warm to the core, and a city-inspired asymmetric quilting that gives it a sophisticated yet casual look.

OneBlade Razor

Is this the greatest razor in the planet? We don't know, but that's the bold claim the makers of OneBlade is throwing around. Whether you believe them or not, an "over-engineered" shaving razor with that much audacity may well be worth the try.

American Trench Pima Cotton Houndstooth Socks

Some guys don't pay much attention to their socks. If you're the kind that does, though, these stylish foot garments from American Trench will be the perfect complement to your favorite dress shoes.

Finisterre CWS Camber Jean

Designed as technical wear for cold surfers who need to slip into pants as soon as they get out of the water, this pair of jeans combines cotton denim with Merino wool, helping the legs dry and hoarding warmth to get you comfortable fast.

Travelteq Double Briefcase All-Leather

Twice the size of a standard briefcase, this bag comes with two main compartments: one for your work gear and another one for anything else you need, whether it's a change of clothes, a big pile of documents, or an extra coat to keep you ready for the rainy days of fall.

Mophie Juice Pack For Galaxy Note 5

Yes, having a smaller battery and no SD card makes the Galaxy Note 5 a questionable upgrade from its predecessor. If you've already jumped the shark and found the battery woes valid, though, you might as well extend its potency with one of Mophie's battery-equipped cases.

Bose QuietComfort 25 Triple Black

There are few travel headphones better than Bose's QuietComfort line and this iPhone-only model reinforces those lauded audio talents with a triple black colorway for a stealthier appearance.

Creative Recreation Adonis Mid Sneakers

This stylish pair of sneakers pairs dimpled leather with a monochrome colorway for good looks, laces with side zippers for convenient slip-on, and a classic silhouette with a mid-ankle height for keeping your feet warm amid the colder weather of the season.

Suunto Kailash Smartwatch

A watch for globetrotting adventurers, Suunto's latest smartwatch lets you keep track of your jet-setting adventures, working with an accompanying app to let you relive them with a quick glance on your wrist.

Artcade Book

Video games may not be high art, but to many men, they might as well be. Artcade treats them as such, presenting marquees from classic video games of yore than have been photographed, scanned, and digitally-restored to their original, child-hypnotizing glory.

Onassis Fragment Quilted Vest

There are few things more versatile and useful than a lightweight vest during the shifting weather of fall and there are few lightweight vests that bring a more unique style than this unusually-quilted, close-fitting piece.