Everlane Italian Dress Shirt

Everlane's limited edition dress shirt combines genuine Italian-woven cotton fabrics with less-expensive Asian manufacturing, turning out a formal garment that looks smart and tailored while brandishing a highly-affordable price tag.

This Is Ground Voyager Duffel

Because nobody goes anywhere without their tech toys these days, This Is Ground's weekender bag ships with an integrated Karma Go LTE hotspot, along with an exterior zippered pocket that's designed to hold all your gadgets in an organized manner.

Blackberry Priv

Blackberry's new smartphone may feel like a last-ditch stand, but with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a curved screen, and a security-enhanced version of Android, it may very well end up being the Hail Mary play that turns things around for the outfit's struggling smartphone business.

Vuori Sonic Seamless Board Shorts

Technical and sustainable, not only can this board short wick moisture, enable unimpeded movement, and survive rough contact with anything at the beach, it also helps clean the planet by being made from 23 recycled plastic bottles.

Uthermic Coldscreen

Designed for winter use, this moisturizing lotion creates a thin layer of barrier that helps prevent heat from leaving your body through the skin, allowing you to stay warmer without adding another layer of clothing.

Alpha Industries ECWCS W3X Utility Jacket

Modeled after the US Army's cold weather gear, Alpha Industries' utility jacket combines tough construction, high levels of performance, and a name so full of acronyms, it might as well have been thought up by an actual military committee.

Beast Ultimate E-Bike

Combining the features of an electric bicycle, a scooter, and an ATV, this offroad-capable, street-legal e-bike offers one of the most fun-looking way to get around town, all while providing enough riding chops to keep things interesting on the trail.

UGG Boysen TL Boots

When it comes to the combination of utility and style, few shoes can stand up to the classic hiking boot. This model from UGG further reinforces that with a weatherized construction that allows it to keep your feet toasty even in sub-zero weather conditions.

Dainese Misano 1000 D-Air Jacket

Unlike other motorcycle jackets, Dainese's latest comes with sensors that will analyze your body dynamics 800 times per second, then trigger an integrated airbag system as soon as it detects any kind of road mishap.

Garmin Forerunner 630 Running Watch

Garmin's flagship running watch goes beyond typical fitness tracking by monitoring advanced running dynamics and physiological data, enabling it to build even clearer metrics not only for reviewing your performance, but predicting it.

Pointer Brand Brown Duck Barn Coat

This classic American workwear is one of those rare versatile pieces that looks just as at home while you drive a side-by-side in a farm on Iowa as it does when you walk through the busy streets of NYC.

Viberg Service Boots

Based on a design used for military boots back in World War II, this reimagined pair sheds the utility of basic training footwear in favor of sophisticated urban style, all while retaining the basic elements of what made the original such a classic.

Frontier Plus Portable Stove

Camping in the winter? If you like to stay as toasty as possible, you can’t beat having a stove warming up the space inside the tent. This portable and packable wood-burning stove can provide that and more.

Ben Sherman Pendleton Shirt

Ben Sherman took Pendleton's classic work shirt, sharpened it with their own details, and used one of the American mill's authentic wool fabrics. This cold-weather, collared workwear is the result.

Instagate Tailgating Kit

Tailgating is fun. It's also a bit of work, having to clean the cooler, ready the grill, pack up the tables, and collect a whole load of supplies. Instagate simplifies things by putting them all in a $40 kit you can dump in the boot of the car.

Edward Field Wallet

This wallet replaces the checkbook pouch with an iPhone-sized micro-suction foam. That way, you can attach your mobile device onto the inside of your wallet, allowing you to keep two daily essentials in a single pocket.

Wide Path Camper

Lowering the barrier to outdoor living, this camper trailer weighs just 100 pounds, allowing it to be towed on a small bicycle, all while seating up to four people and sleeping up to two. Just don't climb steep hills and you should be fine.