Suunto Kailash Smartwatch

A watch for globetrotting adventurers, Suunto's latest smartwatch lets you keep track of your jet-setting adventures, working with an accompanying app to let you relive them with a quick glance on your wrist.

Artcade Book

Video games may not be high art, but to many men, they might as well be. Artcade treats them as such, presenting marquees from classic video games of yore than have been photographed, scanned, and digitally-restored to their original, child-hypnotizing glory.

Onassis Fragment Quilted Vest

There are few things more versatile and useful than a lightweight vest during the shifting weather of fall and there are few lightweight vests that bring a more unique style than this unusually-quilted, close-fitting piece.

Topo Designs x Woolrich Rover Pack

Topo Designs took their classic Rover Pack and decked it in some of Woolrich's lushest woolen fabric. The result is a bag that pairs a classic silhouette with a fresh-looking profile that you can't help but notice.

Garmin Dashcam 35

More than a footage recorder, Garmin's latest dashboard camera comes with onboard GPS, a 3-inch display for instant playback, and a sensor that can detect when a mishap happens, automatically isolating and saving any footage from the incident.

Scott Sub Speed 10 Bike

Commuter bicycles may not be as exciting as more adventure-focused models, but comfort-focused and low-maintenance bikes like this are exactly what you want to be riding when spending an entire day pedaling around the city.

Benchmark Planks Collection Bench

It’s hard to imagine a better seating furniture for those areas of the house where you roll up your sleeves, grab a hand tool, and get both hands dirty than this simple and utilitarian wooden bench from Benchmark.

Best Made Co. Weather Station

This heirloom-looking weather station makes reading the temperature and relative humidity as simple as it gets, with a gauge that tells you in plain English whether it's too hot, too humid, or just right outside.

Sachajuan Hair Cleansing Cream

Leaving your hair unwashed is great when you want that cool-guy, slept-in bedhead look. However, it's also great for leaving hair grimy with just a hint of stink. This cleansing cream lets you remove the grime while keeping the look intact.

8G Tablet

Green veggies can help keep you healthy. Like most people, though, you probably don't get enough of them. This supplement feeds you eight critical greens in one sitting to make up for what your body's been missing.

21.5-Inch Apple iMac With Retina 4K

Thinking of upgrading that 21.5-inch iMac? Your itching couldn't have come at a more perfect time, since Apple just dropped one with a Retina 4K display that combines ultra-HD sharpness with a 25 percent wider color gamut.

Eddie Bauer 1936 Modified Skyliner Bomber Jacket

The same classic jacket that put Eddie Bauer on the map 80 years ago gets updated with a trimmer fit, modern materials, and a water-resistant finish. Yes, it still looks just as good as it probably did back when your (great) grandpa was the man about town.

Cor Surf Roll-Rack

If you keep surfboards, SUP boards, and kayaks anywhere in the garage, wouldn't you rather have them mounted up the ceiling where they're completely out of the way? That's what this storage solution does.

Greats Royale Court High

This stylish high-top combines the classic basketball silhouette with premium leather and Italian craftsmanship, turning out a pair of sneakers that look more refined than the kind of kicks you're accustomed to seeing at the local basketball courts.

Canon G9X

If you want a camera that can shoot better photos than the best smartphone, all while having a size that will still fit into a pants pocket without bulging uncomfortably, Canon offers this compact, 1-inch sensor model.

A&F Batch No. 46 Cologne

A&F made a fragrance that doesn't smell like Fierce and won't make you want to thump your chest like you're King Kong let loose in the big city. For better or for worse, the world is drastically changing before your very eyes.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless

Bowers & Wilkins finally brought their blimp-inspired loudspeaker into the modern times, removing the Lightning dock and adding wireless support for the most common streaming standards, all while fitting in five audio drivers with dedicated class-D amps for a really big sound.

ISAORA Neo Bonded Sweatpant

I always thought sweatpants were the kind of things you wear outside the house when you’ve temporarily given up on life. Except, these sweatpants actually look stylish and cut, which is absolutely sending the wrong message.