Alpinestars Crank Denim Pants

Chances are, you're not going to crash your bike and end up getting your knees scraped and scuffed up. Just in case, though, Alpinestars' new moto jeans come with CE-certified aramid fiber on the seat and knees to keep you protected during mishaps.

Ducks in a Row Commuter Pack

Instead of being carried on your back during a bike trip, this bag is designed to mount on the handlebars, sparing you from the hassle of a sweaty back, all while still carrying an entire backpack's worth of gear.

Bernard Favre Planet Classic Watch Winder

If you're willing to spend a little (okay, a lot) on a watch winder, this series of winders from Bernard Favre offers the kind of premium aesthetics that turn any automatic timepiece into a gorgeous display object.

Betabrand Under-the-Jack Laptop Bag

While it's, technically, a backpack, Betabrand's ultra-slim bag is more like a laptop sleeve that's been fitted with adjustable straps, so you can carry it conveniently on your back. It's the laptop bag you never knew you needed.

Outlier Alphacore Long Sleeve Sweater

Yes, Outlier's long-sleeved sweater has a hardcore name. Thankfully, they're matching it with hardcore insulation, consisting of a layer of Polartec Alpha sandwiched between two layers of Merino wool, ensuring it will keep you warm throughout the long, cold days ahead.

Throne Los Angeles 1.5 Watch

Inspired by Southern California's sunny and sandy coast, Throne's newest watch features a gold-on-gold motif that puts a gold-plated dial inside a gold-plated steel case, creating a classy and timeless look.

GOA Hyper Conditioning Beard Oil

If you're going to grow your facial hair thick, might as well grow it right. Trim it and clean it, then condition it with this beard oil from GOA, which promises to keep your face lawn significantly smooth, all while revitalizing damaged strands.

Sony Alpha A68

Aimed at demanding amateur photographers, Sony's new entry-level A-mount DSLR boasts a killer autofocus that uses 79-point phase-detection to enable better accuracy and improve tracking performance.

Malle Bruno Weekender Bag

Designed for mounting on a pannier rack as much as being carried around town, Malle's weekender-sized bag makes for a perfect bag for motorcycle road trips and daily bicycle commutes with plenty of gear in tow.

Braun Series 9 Shavers

Braun's high-end Series 9 shavers feature a face-reading technology that allows it to detect hair density and adjust its cutting actions accordingly, ensuring the closest and most comfortable shave.

The Bond Boot

As seen gracing the feet of James Bond in the upcoming Spectre film, Danner’s black Mountain Light II boasts extreme durability, stability, and shock absorption, all while sporting a sleek and slender fit.

Cotopaxi Techo 3 Tent

Cotopaxi's three-season, three-person tent uses extended sidewalls that allow its occupants to stretch out, all while packing into a lightweight and compact size that makes it easy to carry during your camping adventures in the remaining days of fall.

Sennheiser Orpheus Headphones

Sennheiser has finally updated their $16,000 limited-edition headphones from 1991, packing it with even more meticulous engineering, in-cup amplifiers, and a new sound processor to deliver an even more premium version of the greatest headphones ever made.

Everlane Modern Peacoat

The quintessential seafaring jacket gets a modern update for everyman use, pairing the traditional double-breasted design with a slimmer, more flattering fit that should better complement the rest of your wardrobe.

Zolt Charger

This replacement power adapter matches your modern laptop's slimmer frame with a compact design that lets if fit in your pocket, freeing up space in your bag for any other gear you need to bring along.

TT Mojito Trunk

Named after the minty Cuban cocktail, this trunk is designed to serve as the perfect portable home bar, letting you organize a complete set of bartending supplies in an erstwhile inconspicuous box.

KEF Muo Speakers

Armed with a compact version of the £140,000 KEF Muon driver array, this travel-friendly Bluetooth speaker boasts full-bodied and stunningly clear sound.