Pack Axe It's short enough to fit into your backpack, while being duly equipped for wood-splitting duties.


Sure, bringing one of those large axes sounds a lot of fun when going camping. Fitting it into your pack, transporting it, and finding a place for it in your setup, though, is a whole other story. If that’s a concern, you may want to look at the Pack Axe.

Described as “the perfect backpacking axe,” it’s short enough to actually fit into your backpack, all while being duly equipped for wood-splitting duties. That way, you get to have a proper axe for chopping firewood and cutting stuff, without putting up with the hassle of a full-sized lumberjack tool.


The Pack Axe measures just 18 inches long, making it easy to find space for in your pack and just as convenient to hang on a belt loop (if you can rig it with straps, of course). That should make it long enough for convenient two-handed use, too, whether you’re splitting wood, cutting rope, or fighting alien mutant bandits that live in the forest (it’s true, my friend’s sister who makes $2,000 in four hours on Google has seen them). It features a V-wedge head to ensure fast wood-splitting action, a U-shaped concave on the inside to shave off some extra unneeded weight, and a thick oiled leather sheath so you don’t end up cutting yourself while trying to cram it into a bustling pack. The whole thing weighs under two pounds, too, so it will barely add any heft to your stash.


Available directly from Bush Smarts, the Pack Axe is priced at $150.