Pacific Shaving Cream Single-Use Minis You know those little pods that make carrying laundry detergent just a bit more convenient? These things just put shaving cream in the same form factor.


It looks like one of those laundry detergent pods. Instead of being designed for dumping on the washing machine, however, the Pacific Shaving Cream Single-Use Minis are designed to be lathered on your face, allowing you to bring a good load of shaving cream during trips without having to pack a large and bulky can.

That’s right, shaving cream now comes in water-soluble pods that you simply mix with water in your hand (or in a cup) to turn it into a creamy lather. Once the shell dissolves, just spread it on your face and run that razor right across, transforming your erstwhile bushy face into a clean-shaven mug.


The Pacific Shaving Cream Single-Use Minis are sold in packs of 40 pods, ensuring you have enough on tap to handle a good amount of time on the road. Whether you need to pack one so you can shave after a morning run to work, a couple for a weekend trip, or a dozen for a two-week vacation, this thing will make bringing shaving cream a considerably more convenient affair. It’s not a special formulation, either, as it uses Pacific Shaving’s standard skin-moisturizing shaving cream, so you still get the same proven performance – just in a more convenient package.

Available now, the Pacific Shaving Cream Single-Use Minis are priced at $7.99.

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