Oyo Fitness DoubleFlex Black


We’re not big fans of trendy home gym equipment – it always makes better sense to just hit the nearest gym and put in regular workouts. That’s not saying there’s no place for them, as portable ones can prove really handy if you’re a frequent traveler. The Oyo Fitness DoubleFlex Black isn’t just portable, it’s versatile, too, allowing you to perform full-body resistance exercises while taking up very little room.

An updated version of the original DoubleFlex, it uses the same folding design that allows you to perform resistance training exercises using pushing and pulling actions that activate both sides of each muscle group in just one motion. This time around, however, they increased the resistance to a respectable 25 pounds, ensuring it can offer a satisfying challenge.


When collapsed, the Oyo Fitness DoubleFlex Black folds in the middle and locks in place, allowing it to fit inside most any luggage, backpack, and duffel. It weighs less than two pounds, too, so it barely adds any heft to your stash. Three detachable discs, a pair of 10-pounders and a five-pounder, allow you to equip it with resistance in five-pound increments, with attachment points on the handgrips making it possible to anchor it to doors, fixtures, and body parts.


Features include ergonomic handgrips, high-strength polymer construction, and nylon-coated stainless steel cables with integrated pulleys. It comes with straps for attaching to your legs and mounting on the door.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Oyo Fitness DoubleFlex Black. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $124.

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