Outlier Wool 66 Hard Shirt A hardwearing work shirt, Outlier's long-sleeved, collared top will keep you styled, whether you're in an office, a workshop, or out in the field.


No, Outlier’s Wool 66 Hard Shirt isn’t stiff like body armor. Instead, this top is cut in a durable blend of nylon and merino, turning out a hardwearing work shirt that will serve you well whether at the office, on the workshop, or out in the field all day.

Described as a “hard-ass shirt,” it uses a fabric made up of 53 percent 18.9-micron Merino wool, 35 percent Cordura nylon 66, 9 percent Modal, and 3 percent elastane that’s woven up in a yarn-dyed oxford weave. That’s a seriously good combination of natural technical abilities, ultra-tough construction, stretch, and a soft-touch finish, ensuring it will perform regardless of activity or prevailing weather condition.


The Outlier Wool 66 is a long-sleeved, collared work shirt, with a tailored but relaxed fit that should work well for both work and recreation, with a profile that seems to draw inspiration in equal parts to both combat fatigues and field-ready work shirts. A pair of generously-sized pockets, one with a flap and one without, sit right on the chest section, while custom Italian Mombasa buttons line the front closure under a vertical placket.


Features include adjustable cuffs with zero snap closure, a hang loop, and a hidden pocket for valuables. It comes in a dark color blending black and navy yarns.


Available later this month, the Outlier Wool 66 Hard Shirt is priced at $325.

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