Outlier Mesh Freeshell Jacket Outlier's summer jacket covers up your head, neck, shoulders, and arms with SPF 50+ fabric, while decking the body in cool and breathable mesh.


We love summer as much as everyone. What we don’t like is that high noon sun burning up our necks and arms while walking back to the office from our lunch meeting two blocks away. Those are exactly the conditions the Outlier Mesh Freeshell is designed to help you out in.

Described as “a jacket reduced to its least material form,” the garment, basically, combines a lightweight hood and sleeve with mesh fabric everywhere else. That way, it’s as well-ventilated as you need to stay cool during humid days, while shielding your arms, shoulders, head, and neck from the scorching rays of the sun.


The Outlier Mesh Freeshell’s non-mesh portions are made from the outfit’s Ultralight cloth, which boasts softness, four-way stretch, and an elegant drape.  It also comes with a UPF 50+ rating, so it will spare you from the harsh effects of sun damage, while a self-cleaning Nanosphere treatment ensures it won’t stain when you accidentally spill that Frappucino you’ve been sipping on to beat the summer heat.  The whole jacket can pack away in its own pouch, too, so you can easily stow it neatly after you get out of the sun.


Features include a three-piece hood with a ladder adjustment system, a hang loop on the back of the neck, a high neck zipper for plenty of coverage, adjustable cuffs, and zippered rear back vents. It comes with two front pockets, two inside pockets, and a large rear mesh pocket.


Available now, the Outlier Mesh Freeshell is priced at $365.