Our Favorite Timex Watches Of 2019 This year was exciting for Timex, with multiple collaborations and reissues keeping fans of affordable watches pretty busy. These are our favorites.


There was a time when Timex was just a reliable brand. They make watches that are equal parts stylish and affordable, making them an attractive option for anyone’s budget-conscious style ensemble. The last few years, though, has seen a big change. Yes, Timex is still reliable. This time around, though, they’re also cool. Seriously, never has it been cooler to walk around with an MK1, a Waterbury, or a Modern Easy Reader strapped on your wrist.

While Timex has a regular roster of models that you can buy any time you feel like it, that popularity means they also pump out a load of new styles every year. This year was particularly exciting, with multiple collaborations and reissues keeping fans of affordable watches pretty busy.

Here are our some of our favorite Timex watches from 2019.

Timex Marlin Automatic 40mm


A collaboration with Todd Snyder, this modern version of the 1960s classic offers a great way to add an automatic dress watch to your collection. While we would have preferred to recommend the green dial (it sold out pretty quickly), we find this black-and-gold variant to be a stunning alternative. We’re particularly enamored with the watch’s clean dial layout, automatic winding mechanism, and soft leather strap, all of which makes this timepiece feel like absolute class. It’s also available in a 34mm case, if you prefer your dress watches in smaller sizes.

Buy Now – $249

Q Timex


A reissue of the outfit’s 1979 dive watch, this model should easily count as one of 2019’s biggest releases, selling out in short order three separate times throughout the year. And it’s not hard to comprehend all the love, with the bold dial, Pepsi-colored bezel, and squared-off case all combining to create a downright striking aesthetic. Pair all that with a true-to-the-era woven stainless steel bracelet and you’ve got a timepiece that feels uniquely special in 2019’s contemporary watch landscape. And yes, the model is going to be restocked for the holiday season.

Buy Now – $179

Q Timex Falcon Eye


A dressy reissue from 1978, this timepiece takes the same squared-off case and woven steel bracelet from the Q Timex, but removes the bezel and swaps in a more refined electric blue dial. Truth be told, this may be the most beautiful Timex we’ve ever seen. Sure, the style isn’t as timeless as the Marlin, but we have a feeling this will hold up very well even through changing trends all the same. If you’re only going to get one new watch this holiday season, this looks like the perfect pick.

Buy Now – $179

Timex Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic


They call it the most characteristic Timex watch – the one that best represents what the brand’s all about. While we would rather bestow that label on one of their more pedestrian models (think Expedition, MK1, or Easy Reader), we do understand the sentiment, as it appears to be one of the more thoughtful models they ever put out. Fashioned by the outfit’s design director, Giorgio Galli, the timepiece brings a custom four-layer case, a 24-jewel automatic movement that you can admire from a window at the back, and a classic dress watch dial that makes it perfect when you’re trying to rock a more refined aesthetic.

Buy Now – $450

Timex x Todd Snider MOD 40mm


For those looking for a more casual but not-so-common Timex model, this collaboration timepiece should make an excellent watch to either dress down your daily work clothes or spice up a street attire. Based on an old design from the outfit’s archive, the dial is the absolute star of the show, with a dartboard layout providing the hour, minute, and second markers in concentric rings, while a 40mm brass case and fabric strap round out the relaxed and laid back aesthetic.

Buy Now – $138

Timex T80


Some men grow out of their fondness for digital watches. Others continue to nurture it through the years. If you’re in the latter group, we have a feeling you’ll be able to find space in your dresser for this 80s throwback, which combines a classic square case, easy-to-read digital dial, and the usual bunch of basic digital functions, while a gold-tone polished finish rounds everything out with a more refined appeal.

Buy Now – $65

Timex x YMC MK1


A special edition of the timepiece first issued to the US Marines in 1982, this was made in collaboration with British brand You Must Create. It takes the long-running MK1 design, throws in a YMC logo on the dial, and slaps the outfit’s exclusive burnt rubber brown color for both the case and strap. The result is a classic Timex model in a color you can’t get anywhere else, making it a good pick for both casual fans and enthusiasts alike.

Buy Now – $90

Timex x Keone Nunes 40mm


A more rugged-than-usual Timex, this modified Scout field watch gets a reworked dial inspired by Hawaiian tribal tattoos, sporting geometric shapes frequently found on Polynesian body art as both markers and accents. Most notable is the koa’e ‘ula symbol, which supposedly stands for family and safe travels, appearing just above the six o’ clock mark.  Those tribal elements, by the way, make their way not just to the dial, but right down to the leather strap, giving the watch a clearly-defined and unified theme.

Buy Now – $109

Timex x Patta “Time is Money” 40mm


We’re not actually sure if this collaboration with Amsterdam-based Patta, which sold out shortly after its October release, will ever be restocked. We sure hope so, though, as that playful dial is just the kind of design kids will eat up in these contemporary times. You’ve got money on your mind, money on your pockets, and, with this watch in tow, money on your watch, too. Who doesn’t want a piece of that? Yes, it’s tacky, but it does so in a casual way that anyone can appreciate.

Buy Now – $130