OTTOLock Bike Locks This bike lock can secure your bike better than a cable lock, while fitting snugly in your pocket.


U-locks are, pretty much, the standard way to secure your bicycle when leaving it along sidewalks and parking areas. Problem is, U-locks can be a bit heavy and unwieldy, making them problematic to carry while you’re riding. The OTTOLock offers an alternative.

No bigger than an armband (well, a really long armband) and weighing less than a quarter of a pound, it’s compact enough to fit inside any bag pouch or rear pocket on a cycling jersey when rolled up, making it easy to bring along, whether you’re training or commuting. Heck, you can probably cram this into a pants pocket if you’re willing to put up with some bulk, so this thing should make for a more convenient alternative to U-locks and cable locks.


The OTTOLock is made from a multi-layer 18mm-wide stainless steel and Kevlar band that’s coated in Santoprene, with a build that’s impossible to cut using traditional wire and bolt cutters. Despite the seemingly slim profile, the outfit claims the band is even stronger than your standard cable lock, although nothing will, of course, beat the toughness of those thick U-locks. It comes with a three-wheel combination lock that boasts custom locking pawls and a durable aluminum head.


To use, simply cinch it around the bike frame and a secure fixture, then lock it in. It comes in three lengths (18, 30, and 60 inches), which should make it functional for securing a whole load of items beyond bicycles.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the OTTOLock. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $49.

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