Osma Brewer This travel brewer pressures, immerses, and circulates coffee using an onboard battery, allowing it to make cold brew coffee in under two minutes.

Some people don’t mind spending a few minutes preparing their coffee. Others are even willing to wait hours, even an entire day, to get their drinks just right. Then, there are those who want to get their coffee as fast as possible. The Osma Brewer is designed for that last category of folks.

Designed to simplify coffee-making, the device allows you to make both hot coffee and cold brew coffee in under two minutes, allowing you to enjoy a delicious hit of caffeine instantly without having to grab a cup from the local Starbucks. Even better, the darn thing is portable, so you can quickly make coffee in your bedroom as soon as you wake up, in the car on your way to work, and the campsite when you need a quick jolt of caffeine to get you ready for the day.

The Osma Brewer is a compact device that’s just barely bigger than most water bottles, allowing you to easily keep it somewhere on the the countertop, the side table in your bedroom, or a corner of your backpack. While it looks like one of those manual travel brewers, it’s actually battery-powered, so most of the work is done automatically, which is why it’s able to brew coffee very quickly. No, it won’t actually heat up or chill the water (you’ll have to do that elsewhere), much like a manual travel brewer, although it does eliminate all the extra work that using those manual coffee makers require.

To use, you start by taking the included capsule and filling it with your choice of coffee grounds. From there, you place the pod in the designated slot, place the water tank on top, and fill it with either hot or cold water, depending on what you’re making. Press the button on the body of the device and let it go to work. From there, the device will apply pressure, immerse the grounds in water, and circulate the whole thing, taking advantage of the processes of osmosis and microcavitation to extract the coffee’s taste and aroma in a fraction of the time.

The Osma Brewer can make a 6oz cup of coffee with each brew. We know, that’s not much, but you can always make more if you’re the type who likes to buy those Grande cups at the fancy coffee shops. It comes with a rechargeable battery that, the outfit claims, should get you around 20 or more cups of coffee between charges. That’s actually pretty good, making this viable for use on the go, whether you like enjoying coffee on the drive to work or when you go out to walk your dogs at the park.

Prefer the convenience of coffee pods over your own stock of ground beans? Not a problem, as that’s the whole reason they use pods that you can fill with your own coffee. That’s right, they sell a variety of coffee pods with blends from Brazil, Papua New Guinea, and El Salvador, with tea pods also planned for release sometime in the coming months.

The Osma Brewer is available now, priced at $185.

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