Origami R5 Foldout 4-Shelf Storage Rack Need a storage rack for garages, workshops, and attics? This handy shelf can do the job, while collapsing flat for easy storage when not in use.

The great thing about storage racks? They will let you organize a good load of stuff in workshops, sheds, and garages. Problem is, they take up a lot of space, so when you finally do get rid of whatever clutter they’re keeping, you still end up occupying erstwhile unused space. The Origami R5 Foldout 4-Shelf Storage Rack offers a better solution by collapsing flat when not in use.

That’s right, this shelf rack can fold up into a flat pile when it’s emptied out, allowing you to stack a bunch of them in a corner of the room, taking up a whole lot less space than they otherwise would. No more racks upon racks of unused shelves in the garage, as you can stash them out of sight, ready to be deployed later when you need storage shelving once more.

The Origami R5 Foldout 4-Shelf Storage Rack is a four-level storage shelf that measures 60 x 36 x 21 inches (height x width x depth), allowing you to use it to organize a good load of stash, whether you’re cleaning up a mess in the garage, the workshop, or the attic. It comes with casters for easily moving around a room, which should make it highly usable around larger spaces, so you can just drag an entire shelf rack to whatever part of the room you’re working in. Two of the casters are lockable, by the way, so you can lock them in to keep the storage from moving around.

According to the outfit, it can hold a total of 300 pounds with the casters, so you can load around 75 pounds on each of the four shelves. Apparently, those casters are the weak link, though, since if you remove them, the whole thing can support a whopping 1,000 pounds, allowing you to use it to stash heavy tools, crates full of supplies, and equipment. Seriously, you can use this to hold a good load of weight plates and dumbbells for your gym in the garage, if you want.

What makes the Origami R5 Foldout 4-Shelf Storage Rack special, of course, is its ability to collapse into a flat pile, making it easy enough to load multiple racks in the bed of your pickup for transport (maybe your dad needs the storage rack at some point) or stack a bunch of them in a corner of the garage when they’re not in use. If you have a wide or tall enough cabinet, you should also be able to stash it there, apart from fitting under large furniture (like beds and tables), making it very convenient to keep around. Even better, it’s able to deploy and collapse without using any tools, as it relies solely on locking latches to fold and unfold in short order. According to the outfit, deploying and collapsing should take no more than a few seconds each.

The Origami R5 Foldout 4-Shelf Storage Rack is available in black, platinum, red, white, and pewter. Price starts at $140.

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