OneBlade Razor Is this the greatest razor in the planet? We don't know, but that's the bold claim the makers of OneBlade is throwing around.


Calling yourself the greatest razor in the planet takes some heavy cojones, but that’s exactly what OneBlade is proclaiming their very first product. Regardless of whether you’re inclined to believe them or feel outraged at the brazen arrogance, it does look like the kind of razor I wouldn’t mind scraping my face with every morning.

Described as a “meticulously-crafted shaving instrument,” the razor boasts obsessively-detailed engineering that took to account every small part of the tool, from the pivot to the springs to the weight of the materials they’re using. That’s because they want it to be the last razor you’ll ever purchase – the kind you’ll pass off to one of the grandsons when it’s his turn to scrape the ugly facial hair he inherited from your line of the family.


OneBlade is made from high-grade German stainless steel, with a military-grade PVD coating (for corrosion-resistance and easy cleaning) and a hand-polished finish, so it’s no flimsy disposable, unlike the ones you get from the store. Both the head angle and the blade exposure are designed to promote the closest shave, with a quick-loading system that allows you to easily slide a fresh blade in. Since you’re shaving with the “greatest razor” on the planet, they recommend pairing it with Japanese Feather-brand blades, which are well-renowned for their extremely sharp edges, to get the best results.

To show confidence in their claim to shaving supremacy, OneBlade is backing each of their razors with a lifetime warranty that allows you to send the unit in for fixing (or replacement) if it ever gives out due to natural causes. And, no, natural doesn’t include dropping it in the smoothie machine to see if it will blend. It’s available now, priced at $299.