Onassis Fragment Quilted Vest There are few lightweight vests that bring a more unique style than this unusually-quilted, close-fitting piece.


Like sweatshirts and hoodies, lightweight vests are a classic fall staple. It’s a versatile piece of garment to have around during the season’s seemingly uncertain weather. Slip it on when things get a little cold and sling it over your shoulders when things get a little warmer. While there’s certainly a large selection of lean and lightly-insulated vests out there, this Onassis Fragment Quilted Vest just seems like the perfect combination of function and style.

Sporting a fragment quilt detail, it just looks so much unlike every other vest you’ll see people around you wearing. I mean, how many vests are there that look like they’re made from a fragile object that’s been dropped, shattered to pieces, and glued back together? And it’s the good kind of different, too, with just enough style to pair nice with most any piece in your closet.


Onassis calls the Fragment Quilted Vest the “standout item in their fall collection.” It’s no wonder, since the unconventional fragment quilting just looks all manners of easy on the eyes. Add in the contrast of black with the midnight blue and you’ve got yourself a can’t-go-wrong addition to any wardrobe for these occasionally chilly times. Of course, it should provide just enough insulation to keep you warm without getting uncomfortably hot, too, all while repelling water for those times you get caught in the middle of a downpour. It features a ribbed collar and hem, two front pockets, and a zippered front closure.


Available now, the Onassis Fragment Quilted Vest is priced at $198.