On Vocal Headphones Miss Amazon's Alexa every time you leave the house? Keep your favorite virtual assistant close with these Alexa-integrated wireless earbuds.


With Amazon’s Alexa having become your constant companion at home, you’ve been looking for ways to enjoy the same handy virtual assistant while you’re on the road. Problem is, Siri and Google Assistant just don’t rub you the same way.  You want Alexa. And you can get it with the new On Vocal Headphones.

A compact pair of earbuds with full Alexa integration, you can finally take the train, spend all day at work, or stay out all night while enjoying the full benefits of Amazon’s virtual assistant. Whether you like to have Alexa do things instead of launching an app, enjoy listening to news headlines whenever you want it, or just fancy having the handy assistant at your beck-and-call, this thing lets you do that every minute of the day.


The On Vocal Headphones pair with your phone over Bluetooth, so there are no wiry cables to mess with, making it just as convenient as any wireless earbuds. It comes with balanced armature speakers that, the outfit claims, delivers “rich powerful bass, smooth vocals, and crystal clear detail,” with a pair of beamforming mics providing active noise cancellation, so you can clearly hear your voice and your virtual assistant each time out.


Features include an eight hours of continuous use between charges, a flexible neck band to ensure a snug fit, and control buttons right on the ear panels. And, yes, you can turn off Alexa to use either Siri or Google Assistant instead, if you need a different female voice to help you through the day.

Slated to ship January 10, the On Vocal headphones are priced at $399.

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