Omniwall Weekend Warrior XL This pegboard storage kit lets you build an 8' x 4' storage unit with shelves, hooks, and mounts to clean up any garage or workshop.

We’re big fans of Omniwall and their wall organization modules, which makes it easy to outfit any garage or workshop with a custom storage setup. If you’re setting up storage for a bare space from the ground up, though, it should be a lot easier to just pick up one of their kits. And if you have a lot of stuff to stash away, you might want to check out the Omniwall Weekend Warrior XL, the outfit’s biggest kit to date.

Designed to keep a large selection of tools and supplies organized, the rig offers plenty of shelf space, dozens of hooks, and a whole lot of custom facilities for docking specific items, whether it be tools, supplies, or accessories. Whether you’re looking to set up a storage area for tools in the workshop, automotive supplies in the garage, or weapons for your apocalypse bunker, this thing should have all the facilities you’ll need to organize everything neat and tidy.

The Omniwall Weekend Warrior XL starts out, naturally, with the outfit’s powder-coated metal pegboards, with nine 16-inch x 32-inch units included, allowing you to build a giant pegboard measuring 8 x 4 feet (width x height). Once you have the pegboards in place, you can start mounting all the different storage units. For shelving, they throw in three large shelves measures 32 x 12 inches each (width x depth) that’s meant to be mounted at the top, four impact shelves of varying sizes, and a 16-inch wide all-purpose shelf, giving you plenty of space to set down boxes, along with larger tools and supplies.

There’s a selection of hooks in short, medium, and large sizes, with one set being made from medium-duty wires and another cut in a heavy-duty build. Plus, this looks like a pretty standard pegboard, so most any time of peg board hooks you currently own will probably work on it.

The Omniwall Weekend Warrior XL gets multiple dedicated mounts for drivers, wrenches, clamps, and pliers, so all those small hand tools you have lying around can be stashed neatly in an organized manner. It comes with two universal tool cradles, which are perfect for storing stuff that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else, along with a grinder holder, a belt clip organizer, a magnet pad for small fasteners, and even a power strip. Lastly, they throw in mounts for paper towels, tablets and phones, a drinking cup (because you get thirsty when you work), and even a bottle opener because the world can always use another one of those.

Included with the kit is a trio of large plastic bins that you can use as catch-all storage for anything that doesn’t quite fit on the pegboard. And yes, the pegboard is, of course, perfectly compatible with all of Omniwall’s individual modules, so you can simply purchase individual storage items and integrate them into the rig as the need for each one comes up.

The Omniwall Weekend Warrior XL is available now, priced at $849.99.

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