Omni Off-Grid Portable Power Station and Communicator Omni's upcoming power station houses a 1500W battery for power on the go, all while doubling as an off-grid communication network.

You know those portable battery packs you put in your bag to charge your mobile devices throughout the day? This isn’t one of those. You know those portable batteries designed for outdoor adventures that can power small electronics and small appliances, while being compact enough to bring along without any hassle? Well, this isn’t one of those, either. Instead, the Omni Off-Grid is a large power station that’s as big as a mid-size cooler, but justifies its size by bringing a whole lot of utility to wherever you’re camping.

Billed as a “versatile power station,” the device allows you to charge, pretty much, any electronics you need while out in the wild, from phones and cameras to outdoor TVs and portable freezers. Even better, it can double as an off-grid private network that you can use to stay in touch with your group in areas with no cell signal, making it an even more useful equipment to have in your stash.

The Omni Off-Grid is an outdoor power station equipped with a 1500Wh battery and 15 individual outlets for various types of electronic devices, namely four AC outlets, four USB Type-C ports, four USB-A slots, one DC output, one 12V car charging port, and a 300W dock for mobile devices. Need power to keep your camera, lighting rig, and other video equipment running all through the weekend, so you can get yourself a whole bunch of cool nature footage? This will do the trick. Want a way to use electric appliances for some creature comfort while kicking it in your large, stand-up tent? This should hold enough power to do just that. Can’t live without your phone and laptop even while you spend the week camping by the lake? This should keep your consumer electronics running for a decent amount of time.

It’s designed to be compatible with most portable solar panels in the market (up to six of them simultaneously), so you can keep replenishing the battery even on the road, instead of simply siphoning all the power out. And yes, the outfit offers additional 1500W battery extension modules, in case you want to have even more power on tap.

The Omni Off-Grid comes with an LED display, so you’re always informed of how much power you have on the tank, while physical controls make it easy to shut down any of the outlets from a single spot. Other features include a dimmable SOS alert light in the front and back, integrated surge protection, and water resistance. Do note, this is big, measuring 13 x 11 x 11 inches and weighing 37 pounds.

It has an optional communications module, which turns it into a base station for your own private mesh network using the LoRa protocol. It comes with four individual communication devices that folks in your party can use to stay connected while you engage in your own activities throughout the day. The module boasts encrypted messaging, a maximum 8km range, and integrated GPS location tracking.

The Omni Off-Grid is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Given Omni’s track record with portable power stations in the last couple of years, we imagine it’s a safe product to support with a preorder. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $1,649, although shipments won’t begin until June of next year.

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