Octovo Dopp Kit Octovo's dopp kit comes with a stylish leather exterior, a tri-fold design, and multiple compartments for organizing all your sundry items.


If you’re going to carry a dopp kit for bringing all your toiletries on the road, you may as well do it right. And, man, doing it right rarely looks as good as the Octovo Dopp Kit.

Designed to be hung on a hook during use, it’s a three-fold bag that enables easy access to all your supplies while getting your hygiene and grooming game on. Whether you’re brushing your teeth, shaving your stubbles, or cleaning off the ear hair to make yourself look just a couple years younger, this thing should keep all the gear you need within easy reach.


The Octovo Dopp Kit unfolds to reveal multiple canvas and nylon pouches that allow you to neatly organize a generous stash of sundry items. There a zippered compartment on top, a flapped slim pouch right under the zipper, two chunky pouches with snap on closures, a smaller flapped slim pouch right under them, and a big zippered pouch at the bottom, letting you stow away various tools and supplies into their own distinct spaces. It measures 21.25 inches long with fully laid out, with a metal hook on top for easily hanging on any available ridge. When closed up, by the way, it looks like a luxurious EDC kit bag — a direct consequence of the custom-made Italian tanned leather exterior that won’t look out place with a stylish leather briefcase and a dapper business suit. It measures 9.25 x 7.25 x 2 inches when closed.


Available now, the Octovo Dopp Kit is priced at $165.