Oakley Crossrange PRIZM Equipped with interchangeable nose pads and temples, Oakley's versatile sunglasses can go from lifestyle to sport in a jiffy.


Do you bring two pairs of sunglasses when commuting on a bike to work? One for wearing while you’re riding your bike and another for those times you’re going to a meeting on another building on foot? Yeah, we feel the hassle. If you’d rather cut down on the accessories piled inside your bag, you might want to pick up Oakley’s Crossrange PRIZM.

Equipped with interchangeable temples and nose pads, the eyewear can be configured like a big boxy shades for gallivanting around town as well as sports sunglasses for those times you need reinforced protection. Just make sure to have the extra accessories on a pouch somewhere and you’re set, ready to transition from one to the other by simply swapping components.


The Oakley Crossrange PRIZM looks like a standard wayfarer variation, so this should play quite nicely with most items already in your closet. When equipped for lifestyle wear, it comes with standard nose pads and temples that provide a relaxed and casual fit, all while getting larger nose pads and angled temples for a more secure grip when transformed for active pursuits. As the name implies, it comes with Oakley’s PRIZM lenses, which boasts enhancements in both color and clarity, all while sporting a three-point fit that ensures the lenses are in perfect optical alignment.


Available in black and woodgrain black finishes, the Oakley Crossrange PRIZM is priced at $210.

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