North St. Venture Pannier This 30-liter pannier comes is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, while being lightweight, durable, and completely waterproof.

If you’re going to use a bicycle to get around, you’re going to need a way to carry stuff in it, whether for groceries, beer runs, or just general cargo transport. As far as we’re concerned, a pannier rack is the most efficient way to do that, allowing you to mount a pair of large bags that will let you transport a good amount of cargo. And if you’re riding a bike for sustainability reasons, we imagine you’ll want the same credentials for the gear you use in it. The North St. Venture Pannier should get you the cargo utility you need while packing the necessary credentials to satisfy your inner treehugger.

Made using recycled materials, the bag is cut entirely in EcoPak, a woven polyester that’s fabricated from recycled plastic bottles. You know, all those water bottles, soda bottles, and 40oz beer bottles you’ve chucked out over the years.  Basically, if you want a bike bag that can pass the nature-friendly filter, this will work, on top of being lightweight, durable, and completely waterproof.

The North St. Venture Pannier is a 30-liter bag that’s designed to mount on your pannier rack using a hook and bungee system, which, they claim, should fit most standard commuter and touring racks. According to the outfit, that mounting system is easy to adjust, too, in case you’re using a custom rack with non-standard spacing or a thicker-than-usual cargo rack. It’s not usable as a backpack, by the way, so you’ll either have to carry it through the carry handles on top or by attaching a shoulder strap to the D-ring tabs on the sides if you don’t want to leave it on the bike. And yes… you’re not going to want to leave your bag on the bike.

It has a roll top closure, with a large buckled flap on top, so your gear is always secure while it sits inside the main compartment. Like many roll tops, you have the option to collapse or expand the bag’s capacity, depending on how much gear you’re carrying, with compression straps sports 1-inch buckles letting you make the necessary adjustment easily. The main compartment, by the way, has an internal laptop sleeve that can fit notebook computers up to 13 inches, although it also includes an unattached sleeve for larger laptops that you can place in the main compartment.

The North St. Venture Pannier has a zippered pocket on the top flap for smaller gear you want to have on easy access, as well as two side pockets sized to fit water bottles and similarly-shaped items. There’s retroreflective tape on the sides, too, ensuring it helps you stay visible during nighttime riding. Inside the main compartment, by the way, it comes with rows of Velcro that you can use to attach the outfit’s accessory pockets, which come with Velcro in their shell. The product page says, it can accommodate up to two 10-inch pockets and two 5-inch side pockets, both of which are available as optional accessories.

The North St. Venture Pannier is available in six colors, priced at $180.

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