North St. Morrison Backpack Pannier This backpack can double as bike pannier, allowing you to hang it on your bike's rack through the course of your daily commute.


Carrying a backpack during bike commutes is the easiest way to get to the office with a pool of sweat on your back. That’s why we’re increasingly seeing bags that provide commuters with extra ventilation. Instead of doing that, the North St. Morrison backpack just serves as a pannier whenever you’re on the bicycle, ensuring it gets nowhere near your back during transit.

In pannier mode, you simply tuck the shoulder straps on a compartment in the back, attach the bungee hook from the tiny pouch on the side, and use that to mount it on your bicycle’s rack. Once you get to the destination, you can detach the bungee hook, pull out the straps, and slip it over your shoulders like any regular backpack, all without a pool of sweat dripping all over your back.


The North St. Morrison is made from military-grade 1000 denier Cordura nylon, ensuring it can hold up to the abuse of the road, with an X-Pac VX21 drop liner providing the necessary waterproofing to keep it safe from the elements. It comes with both a drawstring closure and a flap secured using dual buckles, ensuring no water can seep in from the top during wet days on the road. Features include a bright lining that makes it easy to find stuff inside, internal Velcro mounts for adding and removing pockets, an external zipper compartment, and side pouches for easy-access items.


Available in eight colorways, the North St. Morrison is priced at $189.


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