Nomad Pod Pro This puck-shaped power bank lets you keep your Apple Watch and iPhone charged throughout the day without carrying a mess of ugly charging cables.


If the only reason you carry a power bank is to charge your Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad throughout the day, it’s probably a good idea to ditch whatever battery pack you’re planning to get in favor of the Nomad Pod Pro. Designed for Apple’s line of mobile devices, it offers convenient, on-the-go charging without the messy wires of other solutions.

The successor to Nomad’s Pod charger, it integrates the same clever design that allows you to replenish your Apple Watch’s battery by simply laying it on top of the battery pack. Instead of confining itself to servicing the smartwatch, though, this new version adds a Lightning cable to the mix, so you can also charge your iPhone and iPad from the same device.


The Nomad Pod Pro is a puck-shaped device that houses a 6,000 mAh battery inside, holding enough charge to juice up an Apple Watch and an iPhone two times apiece. Similar to the Pod, you use it by setting up your Watch charger inside the enclosure, winding the cable around and mounting the charging disc in the center. That way, you can charge your smartwatch by simply laying it on top of the puck, making for an ideal charging hub when placed on a side table, a work desk, or any flat surface available. It comes with an integrated Lightning cable that retracts into the enclosure when not in use, so there’s no need to bring extra cables every time you leave the house. Dimensions are 98 x 29 mm (d x h).

Slated to ship October 30, the Nomad Pod Pro is priced at $79.99.