Nomad Base Station Pro This Qi-compatible, wireless charging pad charges three devices at a time.


Wireless chargers are great – they let you power up your gadgets by simply setting them down on the charging pad’s surface. Problem is, it’s inelegant, requiring you to position your gadget precisely, apart from forcing you to charge one device at a time. The Nomad Base Station Pro changes that.

Developed in partnership with Aira, the device uses the latter’s FreePower technology, which ditches the individual charging coil design found in previous generations of charging pads. Instead, it integrates numerous interlinking charging coils, creating a surface that can charge multiple devices so long as matching charging points line up, no matter how they’re positioned on the pad’s surface.


The Nomad Base Station Pro consists of a single pad that houses a seamless charging surface made up of an 18-coil matrix, ensuring there are multiple contact points that can line up with any device you set down. No need to carefully place your phone in a precise position – so long as your phone is squarely within the pad, the charging elements should align as needed. Instead of simply feeding power across the whole coil matrix, though (which would waste power), it uses a custom algorithm to rapidly locate any device on the surface and send power to that exact location, ensuring efficient operation every single time.


Up to three devices can be charged concurrently, so you can have a phone, a smartwatch, and the charging case for your wireless earbuds on there, all recharging after a long day in a single location. It’s based on the Qi Standard, too, so any Qi-compatible device should be able to charge on the pad without any problems.

The Nomad Base Station Pro goes on preorder next month, priced at $140.

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